What you need to know about mortgages

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Most mortgages are now only offered on a repayment basis which means you repay part of the capital and the interest every month. This is much more lucrative for you if you are able to repay the mortgage on time. The downside is that the repayments tend to grow. You must also consider that a loan with an interest rate that is higher than the market rate for lending purposes (also known as ‘discount rate’) can effectively lower the value of your mortgage.

One way to get around these problems is to ask your mortgage lender to lend more than the capital they are offering. This is known as a premium loan. We’d suggest visiting websites like to get all the details.

Credit rating

In order to ensure that you are paying a fair amount on your mortgage, it is necessary for you to ensure that your loan is fully rated. To do this, you should check your credit rating every month. You can do this by visiting an online credit agency such as Credit Sesame. They will check your account every month and allow you to see if you have been penalized for bad debts and how your credit rating is improving. You can also check your credit rating and record all your transactions online. A loan with a negative credit rating can mean that the lender will not lend you money.

Credit agreements are simple and easy to understand and the best part is that you will not need to worry about paying a fee or interest when you sign up. With our comprehensive mortgage and credit packages, you can receive advice from an experienced lender.

Why take out a mortgage?

The key advantages of owning your own home are the advantages you get for your money. Your own home is a place you can own. You own it and are responsible for it. It is not owned by the bank. You may have your own car or own a second home. You can travel the world at your own leisure. A home is an important investment, with the long-term potential of paying off in cash for many years. A home means a safe place to raise your children. It also provides a secure retirement location. Home equity is an investment that you own. You will have a steady stream of interest income and it is a source of long-term wealth. With your own home, you can have total control over your environment and use your own space. You can choose your furnishings, materials and styles to create your own personal taste. The beauty of owning your own home means you can enjoy the best of life without putting money into a mortgage. There are benefits from living in a home you own. You get to live in the city, which means you will have more time to go out with friends and socialize. With less stress and responsibility, you will enjoy a more successful and fun life.

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