A few words about the site and its author : my name is Gabrielle Henson, I’m French and a little too old to tell, and a little too geek considering how old I am :-)

The first goal of Must be Tuesday at the beginning (back in 2006) was to publish my fanfics, only Buffy at the time.

Since then, other fandoms came to be potential subjects, starting with Harry Potter, then Dragon Age and Mass Effect when I finally obeyed a friend’s suggestion to give Bioware’s games a try: since then, I’m completely hooked and my imagination keeps going back and forth between these universes, obviously having a great deal of trouble to stop and actually finish something.

With this new version, the website will have other subjects than the sole fanfics publication, especially in the Blog section, where you’ll find articles about other things I enjoy, mostly 3D which I practise as a hobby mostly with Blender and DAZ in order to commit some illustrations and fanarts.

Navigation should be pretty straightforward : you have menus to access the main sections and at the bottom of the page, tags clouds to filter the content : when in the fanfics section, you’ll find’serie’, ‘pairings’ and ‘characters’ tags clouds to allow you to filter with one of this criteria, and a list of the last fanfics I’ve published. When in the Blog section, you’ll find a tag clouds of the most used tagssin the Blog articles and a list of the last published articles in this category.

For those of you who knew the previous version, you’ll notice that some of the fanfics are not back, especially ‘My faith in you’. They’re getting some minor rework before coming back.

Feel free to use the contact page for any suggestion, question or comment.


Random Quote

Fred: I have to say, someday I’d love to bend your ear about the Pergamum Codex. I think some of the really obscure passages are actually Latin translated from a demonic tongue and they’re kind of a hoot. All this stuff about bacchanals and spells and…actually, I think it’s probably funnier in Latin. You know how that is sometimes.
Willow: I’m seeing someone.
— Willow, Orpheus (Angel)

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