Mass effect NPC Face morphs for download!

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If you’re a big Mass Effect fan like me and had tried to get your hands on 3D versions of the characters to make fanarts, you probably know there are two categories of characters : those who have their own head mesh (all companions for example) and as you probably have already guessed, those who don’t. Among them, some beloved characters such as Sam Traynor, Steve Cortez, Kelly Chambers or Doctor Chakwas.

For those characters, you can find approximation of their head morph made by the community, but it has always bugged me to not have the exact shape for some of my favorites. After all, the information about these face morphs must be somewhere in the game files.

So, I’ve finally decided to take a look and with the help of the very very useful ME3 explorer toolkit (God bless them :-) ), I have finally found what I was looking for.

So, long story short : some ME3 explorer coding and a blender addon later, I’m currently working on bringing our favorites NPC head morphs to the community.

I will release them in blender format with a basic shader as I go.

First ones to come : Sam and Steve.



Samantha Traynor and Steve Cortez

Doctor Karin Chakwas

Kelly Chambers

Gabriella Daniels and Kenneth Donnely

Engineer Greg Adams

Doctor Michel

Commander Bailey

Gianna Parasini

Conrad Verner

Oriana Lawson

Emily Wong and Khalisah Al-Jilani

Only heads with no work on shaders for Oriana Lawson (ME2 & ME3 versions), Sarah Williams and Helena Blake (ME2) : 


Same goes for Talitha (ME1) : 



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