Written by gabrielle.

  1. 1. Regrets

    He had held a gun to his Commander’s face. To HER face. After Horizon, after Mars, when would he stop making things worse and worse between them?   If he was honest with himself, though, Kaidan knew that their issues started way back before Horizon. They had started on a muggy planet, between sandy beaches […]

  2. 2. Family duty

    Jake Shepard fidgeted uncomfortably on his seat for what seemed to be the the billionth time in the last hour. He reached for his glass of orange juice on the coffee table in front of him and nodded to what the woman to his right was saying in a distraught voice, hoping somehow that drinking […]

  3. 4. Fifteen seconds

    Kaidan stared for a moment at Shepard’s cabin’s closed door. Images and sounds of the last 24 hours kept turning in his head and left him with a sickening feeling throbbing in his chest. Surely, even Shepard should probably feel the whole uneasiness of the situation. He needed to talk to her about it, to […]

  4. 5. Relief

    The door of the medbay chimed closed behind her latest patients, and Karin Chakwas took a deep breath before slumping in the chair at her desk. Her eyes drifted unwillingly to the frames carefully hidden behind a flower vase on her desk. It was silly, she thought, and even unprofessional from her to keep pictures […]

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